Thank you for considering participating in this survey to assess operative experience by gender.  We hope to be the first collaboration to recruit every single orthopaedic trainee and recently qualified consultant in the UK.  

We want to know whether there is any difference in the operative experience trainees get in the UK according to their gender.  We will correct for previous experience and any time out of training to avoid bias in our results.

We are not interested in attention-grabbing headlines!  We hope that this will provide an insight into training opportunities across the UK training deaneries.  If your deanery demonstrates that trainees are trained equally regardless of gender, this will be excellent data to provide to potential trainees considering your deanery for training.

Participation involves some work in submitting your training dates, specifying any time out of training and in submitting eLogbook summaries for each training grade you were in up until August 2020.  To recognise your participation, you will be credited as a collaborative author in our resultant publication, which will be published in an internationally recognised journal such as JAMA Surgery (IF 13.6).

You can read the results of the pilot study conducted in the East of Scotland deanery here, and the protocol for the study here.

If you are interested in contributing please read the Information Sheet prior to completing the questionaire to ensure that your data is submitted appropriately. In addition to being credited as a contributing autor, all participants will be entered into a prize draw (final prize TBC).